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The Work and Wisdom of The Tree Oracle

All the branches of my work lead to the same place:


Whether it’s one to one sessions, classes or retreats we go deep into your roots to find the truth of you.

Shamanic Studies Level 2

Explore With Me

Get introduced to your magnificent self.
Reclaim those brilliant parts of yourself that have been stifled, lost or forgotten.


Shamanic Studies

Learn From Me

Every class I teach calls you back to your roots so you can live daily from the deep power, magnificence and mystery of you.


Shamanic Studies Level 2

Go Deep With Me

Go Deep with me
Immersions into your True Nature. These 3, 5 or 7 day intensives take you deep into the heart of the forest of your soul; uncovering then activating the magnificence of you while cradling you gently in pampering and luxury in beautiful locations.