Remember how I’ve been telling you that all the shedding of the unwanted that’s been happening this fall was making space for us to realize our dreams?


The Other Side.

I am now on the other side of the release. The “leaves”, the unwanted things I shed, are making beautiful, rich compost for growing my Soul’s Desires.

One thing that has been distilling down through the Spirit for me has been the gifts of my orphan.

Working with my mentor Michele Grace, I have been welcoming this part of myself in and allowing her to “tell her healing story”.

While I am not an orphan in the literal sense, I have felt like one most of my life. I knew things I wasn’t supposed to know, saw things beyond the scope of “natural” vision, spoke things I wasn’t supposed to tell, and from a very tiny age I had a strong desire not to “play along”, aka pretending everything is hunky dory when it’s not.


Hence the unhappy girl popped in the middle of the “happy family Christmas scene”.

This sense of being the orphan or the outcast continued throughout my adult life and created a lot of loneliness. I often felt weird, unwanted or very misunderstood.

There is a Universal law of opposites.

For years, I barely acknowledged her because all I could see was pain. During the past few months of autumn, I have been shaking off the stories, the shame and wrongness of her and I’m now beginning to see the gifts.

For there to be a back there must be a front or we would have no context for a back. Without up, we’d have no context for down. Thus everything in ourselves that we find odious, despicable or annoying has a beauty to it. There is as they say in Access Consciousness work, a rightness.

The tree that grows in a sidewalk crack.

What is the rightness of my orphan then? The beauty?
She is very much like this little tree immortalized by John Burkett of WTVR CBS 6 in North Carolina.

Photo Credit John Burkett of WTVR CBS 6 in North Carolina.

Photo Credit John Burkett of WTVR CBS 6 in North Carolina.


  • She’s bold. She stands up for who she is and what she knows even if she feels completely out of place and is left standing alone. In doing so, she often brings joy to others and shines as beacon of what’s possible.
  • She’s strong and tenacious. It takes some staying power and determination to grow in inhospitable climates and unusual places!
  • That “unhappy” girl grew up to break family patterns of abuse and raise 3 children who celebrate their individuality.
  • She also grew up to be an advocate, a truth teller and wayseer.



What is your wrongness that you think can’t possibly be right?

As we approach the energy of Solstice which lends itself to introspection, connecting to the mystic and our Soul’s Dreams, I encourage you to open yourself to magic.
What else is possible? What is the part of me or my life that I have judged so harshly and where is there beauty and rightness?
Can you let even one of those judgements drop off and swirl to the ground with grace and beauty as it becomes the compost to feed your soul’s desires?




You don’t have to know HOW to let it go. Willingness is a powerful magic wand. Wave it over a problem you’d like to solve and bless it generously with allowing and you’ll see the Universe conspire happily on your behalf!

Part of what I’m understanding from the orphan part of me is that an aspect of my purpose is being Guide to connect people to the beauty in their own nature. If you’d like support in embracing the gifts of you, I’d love to have a conversation and see if I can be of support.