About Me

I am someone who defies being put in a box or summed up in a few words.

I would say more than anything else I am a surprise to people.

I was certainly a surprise to my mother, not expecting a sixth child after her fifth had been such a holy terror. Even down to my baby picture. Yes, you have my full permission to belly laugh, guffaw and chortle. Mom said the flash on the camera scared me so bad I was inconsolable for several minutes.

It seems I have embodied this in various ways throughout my life.

I was born with all 10 fingers being double jointed (my thumb still is) consequently freaking out one of the nurses who though she was dealing with an alien baby as she watched my fingers go every which way but normal.  I was full term, yet only weighed 4 pounds.

I’m great BIG energy in a tiny little package (5 feet to be exact).

People who I’ve connected with by phone, social media or web cam are always surprised meeting me in person. “I expected you to be taller.” =)

I’m a soul seer, shamanic woman, ceremonialist, earth lover, healer, tree oracle

and mother of 3,

who also drives a really fast convertible roadster named Jack. I love to drive fast, music thumping, top down, wind racing through my grey streaked hair.

I love “the woo” and while I work in very non traditional ways, they are practical and grounded.

I know healing because I have experienced my own trauma. I have had the opportunity again and again in life to choose differently than old patterns.

I don’t call myself a survivor.  I view my life as fulfilling a divine contract. Everything that I lived had a purpose AND I have always been  100% at choice with what I decide to do with my experiences.

I have created a gorgeous, joyful, peaceful life with my husband and three children, in spite of and truly, with the help of a very traumatic childhood. I learned that it doesn’t matter how I was raised, I can always choose a path that creates happiness. Part of my life purpose is to show others how to do the same.

I am wise beyond my years and at times incredibly naive. I am a feminist who loves cheesy, romantic movies and music. I am spiritual but not religious. I’m a change maker who is VERY uncomfortable with big change in my own life (and I do it anyway).

I’m a soul seer, shamanic woman, ceremonialist, earth lover, healer, tree oracle

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