Who Am I


A Soul Seer

I was born with this penetrating vision. I see what lies below the surface and I lead you to what is there.

I am Deep

Deeply compassionate. The depth in me recognizes the depth in you. Able to go into the depth of who you are and hold the space for all that you be.

The Tree Oracle

A living Nature Oracle who is a bridge. Firmly grounded and practical yet deeply connected to the Spiritual realms. A voice for the messages that are constantly around us in the natural world.

Tiny but Spicy

I’m a 5 foot “tall” package of kapow!
I will cry with you. I will be your soft place to land. I will cuss a blue streak. I will be warm & kind but also the speaker of uncomfortable truths. (Because if you want me to lie and tell you only what you want to hear then why are you here?)

A surprise to most people

“I didn’t expect a Tree Oracle to be driving a convertible roadster.”

“I thought you’d be taller.”

“It’s fun to hear such a tender, soft spoken person who can also say fuck.. a lot.”

I am a spinner. I braid together all the threads of my life (and yours) into a beautiful whole.

Shamanism.  Pattern Work.  Body Knowing.  Life Experience.  Trauma Healing.. Deep Vision.

I am a guide.

A space holder who can support you in all that you are. A way shower.
All the branches of my work lead to the same place:
The Divine
The deep roots of who you are.
The soul you were born as- magnificence, sacred power, true magic.

What I Believe:

You have all your answers
You can learn more from 20 minutes sitting next to tree than hours with a million dollar coach.
You are truly magnificent
Your ordinary is extraordinary
You are real magic (your soul’s voice + the expression of that voice through the big and the little things)
The world, whether it is speaking to a room of thousands or to the kids in your living room, needs your magic. Stat!