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It Takes Courage To Stand Naked In The Snow

Last week my town of Eugene, Oregon experienced a rarity. Snow! This usually only happens once every few years here. Being me, I had to go out and BE in it (camera in hand of course). While I was reveling in the magic and the deep peace snow brings, these guys caught...

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Lessons From Going Undercover

So I wound up doing an undercover gig. I didn't realize going in that I'd be undercover though. I actually thought that me, The Tree Oracle, would be completely absent from the experience. I didn't get what I bargained for. You see, I spent some time recently as...

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Sexy Fruit

That's right. I said sexy fruit. And no, I'm not talking about a pet name or a euphemism for certain body parts. It's much juicier than that! An opportunity arose today to share a story with my Shamanic Studies Level 1 students and it got me thinking. As I teach them...

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The Myth of An Angry Mother Earth

I was in a room a few months back in which a man, who was supposed to be an "authority" on the subject, basically said that he didn't believe all those people who said they heard the earth or the trees and got loving, sweet, kind messages. He claimed that Mother Earth...

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It’s Right For Me And That’s Enough

Can you relate to this? "I know what I know, damn it!" (At least I did.... until you said something that contradicts what I could have sworn I knew a minute ago.) It can be tricky when what I know is true often goes against "the grain". I have regularly found myself...

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Soul Desires Not Resolutions

There is a simple and beautiful way to know with certainty what your soul desires. Listen to Your LongingYour soul speaks to you THROUGH your heart, not through your thoughts. It does that by giving us longing. Longing is the language of your soul. It is the way your...

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