Welcome! This series of 90 minute explorations will introduce you to my way of working and to the magnificence of your true nature. Find out more here



Soul Awakening

This  hour long session will connect you to one of the most powerful allies you have in living your soul’s purpose and getting everything you want out of life. Get the details here.

I had the opportunity to have an Power Animal Connection with Paula and it was such a new and wonderful experience. The specific messages that she was able to bring to me from my guide have continued to support me and remind me of my strengths and opportunities.  My guide has quietly slipped into my meditations several times even when I have not had the specific intention of speaking to her. I find that, like Paula, my guide is a holder of healing space.  In my meditations she often just stands by as support as I delve into the depths of my soul and do the inner work that needs to be done. She is a mama fox who is filled with strength, grace and poise. Her messages are quiet and simple, yet powerful all at the same time. I am grateful to Paula for making me aware of her existence. – Deanna Valencia, Spa Valencia


Seasons Of My Soul

Three or five day immersions into the transformational power of nature. Using the elements of fire, water, earth and air, we tap into your big visions and dreams while we release the blocks in your way. You’ll ignite your passion and sink into your intuition and inspiration, all while building a solid foundation under your feet in a sacred community of women. Learn more.