An acorn is not to be underestimated. Tiny but mighty, the acorn IS inherently BIG potential and possibility.




Likewise, an Acorn Session is one potent session of magic and alchemy.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Sometimes you’re simply too close, too stressed or have been shaken too much to see clearly. I do my own inner work and I’m diligent about being a clean and clear channel and there are still times when I seek out another perspective. You’ve got questions, we’ve (your Helping Allies, your Soul Knowing and I) got answers.

“I learned that there is SO much support all around me – I’ve been longing to be taken care of all my life and though they- the group of women guides who showed up– are unseen,  they are present and available for me.  I learned that I am loved by them- I felt it so strongly.  I learned that I am willing to go wherever I need in order to heal the things that keep dogging me.  I learned that I am more intuitive than I give myself credit for and that I am able to go powerfully deep within myself. ” – Heidi G


Speaking of Helping Allies…   

 Knowing my Power Animals and how to connect with them has been a game changer again and again. Clarity, insight, direction, peace and strength are the rewards. But don’t just take my word for it…..

“Oh Paula, my lovely sister. How can I even explain what has happened since you connected me with Esther and Magi! Esther had me change the price of my program and I promptly sold 44 units in 44 hours. Thank you so much!” – Zoe K


How would it feel to receive this kind of sustenance and vision? I’d love to support you with any of the following:


A Tree Oracle Reading

You don’t know what you don’t know. Sometimes all that stands between you and getting unstuck is a different perspective and loving guidance. I’ll deliver messages from your Helping Allies in the Spiritual Realms to get you moving forward again.

Connecting you to your Power Animal.

When we are born there is an animal spirit(s) that chooses to be with us acting as a guide and protector. This Animal Spirit will show you your Soul Essence Gifts, move the heavens so you can create what you desire on the earth and be a strength and a protection to you.

Card Reading With a Twist

Your Soul Knowing + my intuition + input from you Guides = some major boom!

In a space where we call upon all the Helping Allies and Helping Energies to be a contribution to all that we are, powerful things happen.




Is this a yes? Are you ready to receive support and guidance that you can apply and turn into real life results?


$123 for a single session or grab a 2 pack of sessions for $220 and save $26. (Two packs must be used within one year and multiple sessions may not be combined into one session.)

You can let me know which session with the “Special Instructions to the Seller” section in PayPal or you can wait until you book your time. Nothing is set in stone though. If you feel inspired to do something different the day of your session, I can roll with that.

I’m snagging my single session now!

I’m going for the 2 pack!

I look forward to opening up some magic for you!