You are being cared for, and watched over by a very special Helping Ally. This animal guide wants to connect with you in order to be of even greater service.

What is your animal guide?


When we are born there is an animal spirit(s) that chooses to be with us acting as a guide and protector. This Animal Spirit will show you your Soul Essence Gifts, work on your behalf in the spiritual realms and be a strength and a protection to you.

In this 90 minute session I will connect you to your Power Animal. I will relay the messages he or she has for you and you will be taught how to continue that connection and create a relationship with this Helping Ally.

There is a reason it’s called a Power Animal. It is a restorer of power and an energetic protector.

Connection to this animal guide and it’s power will:

  1. Fortify you so you aren’t susceptible to energetic invasion from others.
  2. Connect you to your Soul Essence Qualities – gifts and characteristics already within you that reveal the truth of who you are and your soul’s purpose.
  3. Give you strength, confidence and protection in any situation
  4. Help you understand and follow your natural life rhythms. Working with these rhythms will make you more productive & give you more energy, vitality and confidence.

This 90 minute session is powerful time and can be done in person, by phone or Zoom.


$49 is the investment.

Choose into the experience for yourself or give the gift of soul awareness to a loved one.


Power Animal Connection For Me


Power Animal Connection For Someone Else

When you choose this option you’ll receive a beautiful pdf you can give to the recipient explaining what a Power Animal is and also the links they need to schedule their session.

If you’d like I can do the reading, record the session and send the file to you. You can then give them the recording and pdf all together. If this is the option you’d like, make sure to send an email to support @ letting me know. Keep in mind, I need at least 7 days notice for this.