This was one piece of wisdom given by a beautiful Maori Great Grandmother from New Zealand. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak when I recently attended The Parliament Of World Religions here in my home city.


You may be wondering how that statement qualifies as wisdom (especially coming from me). Let me explain…..
Grandma Rose began her talk by explaining the culture she was raised in.

When I was a child,  my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather, they taught us that we are so perfect, all the waters want to reflect our image. [They taught us] That we had the insight and we knew all there was to know.


We are so perfect, all the waters want to reflect our image.

Imagine being raised with this as your reality! What would change for you?


What would change if you embraced this now?


I think we could create significant change for a new generation. The disease of unhealthy body image is an epidemic in the United States and it has turned into a billion dollar industry who feeds on lack of self esteem and self loathing. And sadly not just in the US.  In Thailand people spend huge amounts of money on bleaching creams trying to eradicate the beautiful skin color they were born with. Hundreds of thousands of people giving money to keep feeding the disease. It’s astonishing!

…And Heartbreaking.


There is a woman I know who has been actively talking about what she’s doing to get her “bedroom body”  back in 60 days. In my view she’s a beautiful, tiny little thing with lovely curves. It has me asking, did she ever lose it?


Celebrate who you are, you absolutely perfect.


Our sexuality is a Divine gift. Given to us from Source. We have been given the gift of pleasure and unlike any other species the ability to seek sex for the pure pleasure of the experience. We were all born with a bedroom body.  It’s literally how we’re made. Why are are we letting outside sources tell us it needs to be a certain way to qualify? Is there any other species that worries about what their body looks like if given the invitation for sex?


All this pains my heart.   Yet the words of Great Grandmother Rose- this feisty, hunched over, walks with a cane,  kick ass, Maori warrior woman give me hope:

Celebrate who you are, you are absolutely perfect. There has never been anyone like you ever. Love yourself to the nth degree because if you don’t why should anyone else love you? If you have a problem with your face, you have a big problem because to me we’re all perfect.

She also spoke about how in her culture all are considered equal. The only thing that differentiates people is how much time they have been here on Mother Earth. She truly and literally sees everything as one and she embodies it!


So the final question I’m left with is this- Did this beautiful Maori grandmother travel over 7,000 miles to deliver a message that will fall on deaf ears?


Or will we take her invitation and celebrate who we are, perfect in our imperfections?


You know which one I’m rooting for…..