Last week my town of Eugene, Oregon experienced a rarity.
This usually only happens once every few years here.

Being me, I had to go out and BE in it (camera in hand of course).

While I was reveling in the magic and the deep peace snow brings, these guys caught my attention and filled me with wonder.

 It’s a damn brave thing to choose to bloom in the early, early spring.
To go against logic.
To not play it safe.

And look at them.
Standing tall, not wilting, naked in the snow.

You could learn a lot from these beings:

  • They care nothing for conventions or “shoulds”.
  • Every second is lived to its fullest. Their time is short, not to be wasted.
  • Don’t be deceived by their delicate petals. They choose spring to bloom- not for the faint or the weak.
  • Even though so much could go wrong- snow, a freeze, being eaten by winter-starved animals- they show up anyway and they do so with boldness.
  • They are wayseers; ahead of their time.
  • They show us the gift it is to others when we are willing to be vulnerable while being seen.

These beautiful beings stand in the cold and the snow and say “This is LIFE! Stand strong and bring all the beauty that you are.”

Will you accept their invitation?