Just You and I

You are whole, perfect and kjslss, so why are you trying to live like a person who is broken?

When you can know and recognize all of you, your potency increases exponentially.

Let’s take some time.

To go deep underground.
To the places you are scared to acknowledge.

Yep, THOSE places.

Because over and over again I have found that what people think are weaknesses are actually strengths.

That what ehy think is a wrongness is actually just a projection they’ve taken on.

And most importantly, that what they have been terrified to own as a talent or gift is what will change the fucking world (that can be the Big W world or the little w world)



What’s true for YOU?

What makes your soul sing, your bones hum, and your desire spark?

For most of us, our authentic selves started being squashed at about 2 years old -the age at which we began to start really asserting our personalities.

From there, school systems and societal mores tried molding us into the “expected, the obligated, the normal”.

But you were never meant to fit in a box.


You weren’t born with a small spirit.


You were born to be living in full expression. To be sharing the gift of you in your own unique way. Whether moving through your “normal” day or speaking from stage.

You were born with soul essence qualities. The unique pieces that fit together to make you, YOU.

In two, 90 minute explorations I will guide you to your own answers about who you are. (Because you get that me telling you who you are defeats the point right?)

I will be your guide as you liberate YOU.

Your spark, your shine, your shimmy, your sass.

Your power, your quirks, your dreams, your trust in yourself.


Ready to let the truth of who you are shine?

I’d love to create magic with you!


$300 buys your ticket to one of the most profound explorations you will ever embark on.



Soul Awakening Pay In Full + Bonus





And when you Pay In Full you’ll also receive my Elemental Alchemy Course.
Working with the powers of The Elementals- Earth, Air, Fire and Water to *amp up like wow* the gifts of the True You.


You + Allies + Action = Va Va Voom!

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