So I wound up doing an undercover gig.

I didn’t realize going in that I’d be undercover though.

I actually thought that me, The Tree Oracle, would be completely absent from the experience.

I didn’t get what I bargained for.

You see, I spent some time recently as Holiday Help at Macy’s.

It was a shock to the system. It’s been a very long time since I was in that kind of environment.


more stuff doesn't equal enough

After a day of training, I expected to have a very soulless experience.


In this drab, colorless world (Macy’s employees have to wear all black), I thought there would be no place for any of my gifts to be expressed.

I was asked to be a corporate automaton & contribute to the culture of acquiring credit card debt to give the right gift so you can be “enough”.

Where in this world, that has become so alien to me, could consciousness possibly have a place?

Oh the hubris I had!

I have story after beautiful story of experiences where I was able to, in a challenging environment, touch lives, connect soul to soul, acknowledge beauty and humanity. It’s amazing what a simple, sincere smile can lead to!

Enriching my life and theirs.

Power of Love
In an environment of the masses being told they needed more stuff to be enough, people were starving for kindness and connection.

I didn’t need to sit them down at a fire ceremony, or do a Soul Retrieval or a Tree Oracle reading, to see them in their soul’s essence and acknowledge them from THAT place.




What I learned and what I want you to hear is this:

It doesn’t matter one whit if I am a person who cleans out porta-potties or a Shamanic Practitioner doing Soul Retrieval. If I am shopping at the grocery store or helping others shop at Macy’s.

My external life doesn’t determine my ability to be the fullest  and best expression of me.

I’ve had the story that I had to be in session with a client or facilitating a gwhat-do-you-dream-of-creatingroup healing experience or holding ceremony to express my gifts.

That I had to have “the right” container to express the work in.

The truth? I am the container. And guess what? So are you!

Now don’t get me wrong… An hour with me illuminating your magnificent soul is going to shift some things in a big way. The one on one work matters for sure.


I can “let my light so shine”, change a life, acknowledge a soul, any ol’ place. And so can YOU.

So if you believe you can’t be on purpose, in essence, expressing your gifts because your job, your family, your religion, your______________ prohibit you, are you willing to let go of that falsehood?

You can.

Don’t know how?

That’s ok.


You have legions of Helping Allies ready and eager to show you.

Begin everyday with a simple request.

“Show me today how I can be on purpose, in my essence and bless a life.”


I tell my clients all the time. The Universe will take the tiniest amount of willingness and expand it exponentially. Are you willing to try?

Just like me you are the container. You don’t need the right circumstance to come to you. You don’t have to wait to be an entrepreneur to make an impact.

With all that is happening in the world, your essence (and mine) is needed more than ever. Every day, in all kinds of moments.

What are you waiting for??