Hmmmmmm… I wonder.

Any Guesses?


It’s not a love of picnics or fireworks or the color red. The answer: They are all very supportive of Sexual Healing.

The energies of Cancer (the crab) present in the month of July are all about balancing the fiery energy of Divine Masculine and the watery energy of Divine Feminine. As such, the energies, mysteries and power of sexuality (Life Force and Creativity) are at their peak.

Fire and Water


So what does this mean for you? First, if there is any sexual trauma or hurt in your past, this is a powerful time to heal it. Spiritual forces at work will support the healing and releasing. This means a much more gentle process and naturally deeper healing. This would be an ideal month to have some Shamanic Healing done around any sexual trauma or past hurt.

Second, if you have been wanting to deepen/strengthen your sexuality and/or creativity and feel more passion for life, this is the perfect time to tap into the Divine support available during this month. Sexuality in its simplest form is the power of CREATION. It is the strongest creative power on the planet. When you are willing to open yourself up to this energy you feel more passion- for life, for your purpose, for everything! Creativity, in whatever form it takes for you, flows when you can channel this aspect of yourself.

The beautiful spiritual energies of summer support an a powerful and unique ability to see the essence or the light within all things and opens us to more inspiration. We are naturally more attuned to Oneness. Consciously connecting to this deep spiritual energy and allowing the power of Life Force or sexuality to flow through you will create some amazing results in whatever you apply it to. The strong lunar influence of Cancer that creates a drive for being physical and the alignment of the Spiritual create the ideal conditions for manifesting.

Happy Creating!