This  was originally planned to be something entirely different…..

And as a woman who is able to be in flow and follow Divine instruction, I wasn’t too surprised when what I planned was “politely” moved aside.

Do you remember Wilbur the pig from Charlotte’s Web? There was a day when he was taken from his best friend, from the only home he knew, put in an unfamiliar home with not only strangers but some who were quite unkind to him. He ended the day feeling dejected, unwanted and lonely. For me, today was beginning to feel like a “Wilbur Day”.

You see, I’ve been experiencing exponential shifts in the past 10 days. Attending a 3 day business event on the heels of The Parliament of World Religions has opened my eyes to what is asking to be explored within me.

What’s percolating for me is a journey of embodiment and deepening. As I step into this journey, everything that is in my way has been showing up……feeling unworthy, feeling not enough, issues with trust, that **^%)&^ need to be right and just how much I get in my head.

I did a huge spiritual, emotional and physical release of these things at my Full Moon Release Ceremony a few days ago. When these releases happen if the old thoughts about them decide to pop up, the absolute falseness of them becomes undeniable, painful and will not be ignored. 


Let It Go

Today, “I’m not enough and not as good as” reared it’s head in a huge way. I took a risk, made an offer and I was turned down. Being human, there was definitely a sting from it. It happened just as I was leaving for a hike.

I walked through the woods and began to walk through the emotions surrounding it….. sadness and fear. As I literally walked them through me, I came up this group of trees. That’s an Aspen Tree on the left and Pine Trees on the right.

You're Enough


An Aspen Tree with The Pines (or maybe Pines with the Aspen), their trunks inseparable for several feet. Nature is always a mirror for Divine Truth. The lessons are all around if we’ll pause and “listen”. These trees grew this way because there is no ego in Nature. No one saying “You don’t belong, you’re not as good as we are, or you don’t measure up.”

In that moment the truth of who I AM resonated through me. I could see that this really wasn’t about me and I was taking ownership for another person’s stuff. Making it about me when it is totally about them and what they are ready for.

Spider Web

Suddenly my Wilbur day became more like the day when Charlotte the spider first spins a word web and announces to the world that Wilbur is “Some Pig”.  If I had my own Charlotte in that moment I think her word web for me would have announced “Perfect As Is”.

What would your web say??