Are you fighting against being supported?

The energies of autumn support a massive release of all that does not serve us. I know I’ve personally been experiencing this in some really intense ways! If you have too, there is good news! We are shifting out of the autumnal energies and into the energies winter.


Wait! What? Why is this good?

As the days turn colder and shorter I’m hearing a lot of complaining. Many people are putting lots of energy into fighting the season.
I’d love to offer a yummy alternative if I may…….

We’ve become aware of and are releasing what’s not serving for a purpose; so that we can clear everything out of the way that keeps us from connecting with our dreams. The energies of winter support going IN. Exploring the mystical, the spiritual, connecting to the Divine Female, and connecting to your soul’s dreams.


Mystic Flower
What are soul dreams?

These are the desires of your highest self, your north star, your inner compass. They are the dreams that put your feet on the path of purpose and destiny. Would you like to tap into THAT?

If you chose in, the upcoming energies will support you in connecting to your juiciest desires. Your soul dreams. The energy right now makes this so easy! Dream big! Connect to what’s possible. Let this winter season connect you to the magic of you!

Once again the trees are showing us how. Click  the picture below to see my short video explaining how.