That’s right.


I said sexy fruit.


And no, I’m not talking about a pet name or a euphemism for certain body parts. It’s much juicier than that!


An opportunity arose today to share a story with my Shamanic Studies Level 1 students and it got me thinking. As I teach them about doing their own Shamanic Journeys I had the opportunity to share a story about my incredible experience in a Journey with a certain plant. And no, it’s not that kind of plant or that kind of journey.


In MY first Shamanic training we were learning a way of journeying in which you connect to Nature and listen for the messages it has for you. This is something I’d been doing for years and I was super excited to find out it had a name (other than that crazy thing I do). I was even more excited to be in a different region, connecting with plants I’d never seen, grown with great love and attention.



Be a contribution


Of the many plants I connected to that day, the most memorable was….. a tomato plant. Now, I know. A memorable tomato plant? But stifle that yawn and remember the title of this post…Sexy Fruit.



This guy was so incredibly passionate, full of life and full of fruit! When I asked what he wanted me to know he said “Look at all this sexy fruit! Isn’t it gorgeous?” I laughed, said yes and then he went on. ” I know my life cycle is short but it’s ok. I don’t waste my energy worrying about how short it is. I make the most of every second and look at the results? Aren’t they sexy and red? I don’t understand you humans! So much life to live and so much of it spent holding yourself back, being in fear. So many of you live, merely trying not to die. Oh! What you could accomplish if you lived to create!



Sexy Fruit

Sexy Fruit



Not bad for a tomato plant eh?


Being reminded of this story gave focus to what’s been swirling around in my world of late. My mother being hospitalized and finding out that her remaining time here is very short. Speaking to my adult children 25 and 21 years of age and hearing how they are feeling burdened with pressures of life and thus feeling “old”.  Noticing that my aging body doesn’t match how I feel… timeless, reborn and like my whole life is ahead me.


I find myself pondering my life and where my focus and energy are. I find myself wondering about how much I am living to avoid dying versus living to create, to add more life.


So Dear Reader, as I ponder, I invite you to ponder as well.


Are you putting your energy into creating? Whether it is computer code, a family, the perfect rebuilt engine, a painting, a solid financial plan, amazing memories, 10,000 heads of beautifully cut hair, traveling the country, or the perfect meal, is your unique desire being expressed in life and living?


If you don’t know, are willing to start learning now? You don’t have to know the how’s. I tell my clients often that the Universe can take a tiny bit of willingness and multiply it like the loaves and the fishes. If you are willing, your Guides and Helping Allies will happily be co-creators with you!


This tomato plant knew his life cycle was very short and it didn’t worry him. He didn’t spend energy worrying about whether his fruit would be too much for people. He didn’t fret about whether it would be too big or too red. He didn’t keep his fruit from growing wondering if he should. He grew his fruit knowing he would let it go and let it be of service. He played full out!



What is your sexy fruit?

What is it in this season?

What has it been in seasons past? 


Here’s to us and creating gorgeous, sexy fruit!