There is a simple and beautiful way to know with certainty what your soul desires.


Listen to Your Longing

Your soul speaks to you THROUGH your heart, not through your thoughts. It does that by giving us longing. Longing is the language of your soul. It is the way your soul communicates its desires and path.


Do You Know What You Long For?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to feel longing? If it’s been a while check in.What comes up? If you immediately come up with possessions- cars, houses, etc, that’s ok AND I’d invite you to go deeper. What do you expect to feel or experience by having the object you desire?
This is important. Our Soul communicates through longing– a tangible feeling in your chest. Something that you desire so much it almost hurts. So, what do you long for?

I Know What I Long For? Now What?

What can you do to bring you closer to what you desire? This can be very simple. In 2009 I became aware of a longing. I desired to move out of the neighborhood and house we were in (both of which we hated) and live near the mountains in a different part of town. My heart longed to be 5 minutes from the mountains (instead of 45 minutes) so I could more easily be there. I dreamed of living in a place where wildlife roamed through my yard.

Due to my financial situation at the time this felt impossible. Impossible or not, it is what my heart longed for. At that time I was taking a weekly class and I decided to start taking the non direct route to class every week. Even though it was 40 minutes out of my way, this route took me right past the mountains and the homes I wanted live in. It kept me in touch with my desire. In 2012, we put our house up for sale and began looking for another home. After looking for almost a month at nearly 50 homes, we found it! A house in the foothills. I call it my tree house. I have deer, raccoon, jack rabbits, squirrels, hawks, grey breasted jays, mourning doves, finches, magpies, quail, nuthatch and junco all as regular visitors. I am five minutes from two different canyons and I have a stellar view.


What Is Your Longing Asking Of You?

I believe this fulfillment of my Soul’s Desire was made possible in part by being willing to drive an extra 40 minutes each week. It kept me connecting to my longing. So ask yourself, “How can I stay connected to my longing? What is it asking me to do?” It may be as simple as extra drive time or as grand as putting your house up for sale.

Set A New Year’s Desire, Not A Resolution.

The great news is we just experienced Winter Solstice. With the Solstice the light returns. Shining light on things that once were in darkness. The energies  for the next 3 months are conspiring to support you in dreaming, in connecting to your longing and the Mysteries. The Mysteries work with us and help us to bring about that which our soul desires.

So when New Year’s Eve rolls around, instead of making a resolution (which you most likely won’t keep anyway), my invitation is to listen to your longing and make a New Year desire list. Marinate in those desires for the next 3 months. Do things to stay connected to them like journaling or researching. Even better create something physical- a drawing, a sculpture, paper mache, origami or a collage.

Many indigenous cultures believe that when you create an physical object you are imbuing it with life and the Spirit of the Creator. This is a great way to give your longing life!
Then in the Spring, when the energies are ripe for action, your heart and Soul’s Desires will be leading your path.

Here’s to your yummy dreams and delicious desires!