Paula is deeply gifted with intuition and the ability to ask the perfect questions to help you tap into yours. She is brilliant at identifying the significance of your experiences and interpreting inner shamanic journeys. I came out of my first one, thinking I had completely botched it up and she quickly and easily picked up on the symbolism and messages that would have been completely lost on me. Paula creates safe and sacred space wherever she is. This makes it so easy to open your soul to have honest conversations, and to be taught and healed. Whenever having any sort of interaction with Paula, I always feel 100% supported, which is a beautiful thing. I had the opportunity to have an Animal Spirit Guide Retrieval with Paula and it was such a new and wonderful experience. The specific messages that she was able to bring to me from my guide have continued to support me and remind me of my strengths and opportunities.  My guide has quietly slipped into my meditations several times even when I have not had the specific intention of speaking to her. I find that, like Paula, my guide is a holder of healing space.  In my meditations she often just stands by as support as I delve into the depths of my soul and do the inner work that needs to be done. She is a mama fox who is filled with strength, grace and poise. Her messages are quiet and simple, yet powerful all at the same time. I am grateful to Paula for making me aware of her existence. At the end of a particularly difficult day as I was meditating I swooped into the desert at night by a campfire and she was there. First she was just quiet and I had the distinct feeling that she was proud of me. Then I asked her if I had a day like that again, would she come be with me. Her answer was quite simply, “I was with you all day. You just have to still yourself enough to feel me and hear me.” Yep…she’s a sly one! ~Deanna V “Paula is amazing at sharing deep mystical wisdom in ways that makes everyday sense.  Our sessions were extraordinarily informative and right on point! I constantly found myself having an internal nod..a matched inner knowing that what she was imparting was my soul’s truth. We even had fun, which is a huge plus in my book! If you’ve worked with Paula you know exactly what I mean.  If you haven’t…..set an appointment today!  You’ll be thankful you did.  Working with Paula is like coming home to yourself.”  ~ Karen Bayard,  Whole Body Laughter