How would it feel to be free?

Woman at the ocean beach

Everyone has that thing. The behavior. The habit. The belief. The deed. The phobia. The trauma. The thing that only a handful of people know about. The thing that maybe you still haven’t admitted to yourself.

Secrecy born of shame swirls around this thing.  That shame is taking from you, it’s draining you. It’s sucking vitality from your life. It’s putting obstacles in the way of your dreams. The shame you’re feeding around this thing is keeping you from fully receiving money, joy, love and magic. You are giving your vital life force to something that like a zombie is dead and can only take life, not give it.

So again I ask…

How would it feel to be free?


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the trees are showing us how. Right now the trees are beginning the deepening. Reaching roots deeper into Mother Earth for nourishment through the winter. They are slowing down. The sap becomes so thick it is almost solid. Cellular magic occurs to support the trees in this time of going deep into the stillness to prepare for new life in the spring.

Let Dead Things Go 2

Before the deepening of winter, before the magical cellular activity, the trees must let go of their dead leaves.

Holding on to them will take precious reserves of energy that they can not afford. In a display of both beauty and grace Deciduous trees release their dead things. Swirling to to the ground in a lovely display of color, falling leaves, the dead detritus of spring and summer, become a thing of incredible beauty.


How would it feel to let go of the shame you are carrying right now? How would it feel to shift your perspective from a rotten thing mouldering away in the darkness to a brightly colored leaf dancing in the sunlight?

The energies of autumn are conspiring to support you in doing just that. The upcoming Scorpio New Moon has the energies of the Phoenix; rebirth from the ashes.  It’s the perfect time! Are you willing?

You can start by fully owning this thing you feel shame around. Secrecy is the life blood of shame. It’s the lie that keeps it in place. Admit it to yourself. Admit it to another trusted person. This step alone begins to loosen the shackles. Here the light begins to shine into the dark place and freedom is close at hand.

Then be willing to release the judgement. Most likely this trusted person still loves you despite what you view as so terrible. This person did not abandon you. Why? Most often, viewing our our secrets through the lens of shame creates a fun house mirror reflection; distorting and exaggerating. Those outside the fun house walls see truth, a beautiful human soul, not the distortion we so often carry.


The next piece is to love yourself and stretch into loving the fear, the belief, the trauma, the mistake, the habit etc. Love transmutes and is the ultimate enemy of shame.

This process may or may not rid you of habits you no longer desire or unwanted beliefs or go back in time and erase a mistake. But it WILL release the shame that is keeping you prisoner and give you back your freedom. And who knows? They say if you love somebody, set them free. Perhaps loving this thing you have been fighting so hard against will ultimately, like a leaf swirling to the ground, set it free.