I was in a room a few months back in which a man, who was supposed to be an “authority” on the subject, basically said that he didn’t believe all those people who said they heard the earth or the trees and got loving, sweet, kind messages. He claimed that Mother Earth is pissed, feels betrayed and we really don’t want to hear what she has to say because we wouldn’t like it.

Angry Mama


I experienced a huge wave of fear and doubt. He was the “noted expert”, speaking on a panel. Who was I to say differently? (The Tree Oracle that’s who.)


But, really, who was I to deny all the gifts that the trees had shared with me?


Who was I to discount the messages, the connection and the wisdom I had been receiving all this time?


The memory of this event has popped into my consciousness from time to time over the past few months. Every time I thought about it it bugged me. Besides what I knew my experience to be, there was something about what he said that has felt really “off” but I couldn’t articulate what it was…… until today. After a beautiful conversation with my friend Megan Sillito, it finally came into focus!


Megan and I were having this deep, delicious conversation about earth, nature and trees and their magic. We were talking about the intelligence, magic and possibility that exist in such a pure form in Nature.



Still thinking about the conversation as I drove home, I had this huge awareness. Mother Earth is a Being who COMPLETELY knows, trusts and IS Her magic. What does a woman like that have to stay pissed about? A Being who is in that space completely trusts in their abilities to create what they need when they need it.


Mama Earth


Sure she might feel angry or sad at times for not being respected, taken for granted or mistreated, but a being who knows their magic, owns their magic and trusts their magic the way She does, does not feel victimized. She is not languishing away waiting for us to save Her. This is not some inert, helpless waif. She is a kick-ass lady, full of potency, and I have no doubt She’ll find a way to restore Herself to balance with or without our help. It may not be in a way that human kind finds particularly comfortable, but She’ll do it.


Now, this is not to say that we don’t need to do our part. Just as we care for and respect those we love, Mama Earth is a being that should be cared for. Not from a place of rescuing however, instead from a place of respect and love. Don’t come to Her with guilt, shame, or pity. Come to Her from the same place She comes to us- with empowerment. Respect Her gifts and love Her for all She blesses us with.

Be a contribution


When you view Her with honor, love and as a magical, potent being, can you feel the natural desire to treat Her with respect bubble up? It’s so much different than the energy of saving. I vote for playing there!


earth connection