fbpostCan you feel it? An energy rising, a restlessness. It’s no surprise. We are only 17 days away from the Spring or Vernal Equinox and a time when the alchemical mixing of fire and water occur. It truly is Spring Fever as the watery energy of the Feminine Winter season gives way to the rising fiery, Masculine energy of Spring. The spiritual deep dive that occurred during the winter connected us more to our intuition, our dreams, and to possibility.

The inspiration received and nourished all winter is now ready to burst forth. The next two weeks are the most ideal for releasing and clearing out anything physical, spiritual, mental or emotional that no longer serves us. As we approach the equinox the veil between us and the 5th dimensional world grows thin, making this an excellent time to call upon your most dynamic, “get it done” spiritual guides, teachers and helpers to assist you take action to turn those dreams into reality.

That same dynamic energy naturally assists us in overcoming any bad habits whether they be physical like smoking or unhealthy eating or mental such as negative thinking or interrupting others. In fact, in my opinion, we would be much more successful if we set our resolutions for the new year while in the winter (our most natural time of reflection and connection to spirit) but waited to until spring to put them into action.

This can be such a powerful time! The invitation is to be conscious during this time and let the energies in nature assist you towards living your best life in 2014.