Who I’m Not


A Formula Follower

You aren’t made from a cookie cutter so why would you want a formula to explore the uniqueness of you? We explore within a framework that gives lots of room for you to honor the way you walk in the world.

I Am Not Sweet

I’m kind and deeply compassionate but I won’t tap dance around the truth.

A Coach

While I may coach you at times or teach you, I am primarily a Guide, a Soul Surgeon, and Mentor.


Your North Star, Your Guru or Your Magic Pill

I believe YOU have all your answers. It is my job to lead you to them. (If you are interested in trusting yourself, and a deep bone knowing of who you are and living life from this place, you’re my tribe.)


I Don’t Do “Fluffy”

My work is deep. It is experiential. It. Will. Stretch. You.
(Because if you’re here I’m thinking you don’t want the status quo yeah?)


I Am Not Willing to Meet You in Your Excuses.

In a deeply kind and compassionate way, I will help you see what’s really behind excuses, playing small and feeling less than. I will always call bull shit and invite you to make a different choice when they want to be in the driver’s seat.