Why The Tree Oracle?

Why the name and what’s beneficial about playing in my world.

I dig trees and the wisdom they offer.

They teach us so much about navigating life, being good humans, living full out and healing with ease.

You May Want To Play in My World if You…

  • Get that total accountability is the path to empowerment and freedom and that it’s not about shame, blame or guilt.
  • Are open to working in sometimes unorthodox (re: Mystical, Shamanic, Outside the Box) ways to reconnect you to truth.
  • Dream about embodying the vision of the truth of who you are. The place you’ve caught glimpses of and even visited, but can never seem to stay in.
  • Are cool with being gently being taken beyond the known and the comfortable.
  • Get that being a co-creator of your experience creates the deepest awareness and the most lasting change.
  • Like having practical tools + the know how to implement them daily.
  • Are good with moving fast and going deep.


The Way I Play


  • I love exploring with those who want to tune back in to the truth of who they were born to be.
  • I adore turning people on to the potential, possibility and magnificence inside them.
  • I am passionate about bringing people to their own answers and empowering them to transmute their lives.
  • I dig working with people who don’t want a Guru, North Star or a Savior but instead want a Sherpa who knows how to guide and support them along the sometimes hidden paths to the truth of their soul.
  • I am all about showing people the gifts of Nature and the magical ways she supports us to reconnect to our soul’s truth.



I’m a soul seer, shamanic woman, ceremonialist, earth lover, healer, tree oracle

and mother of 3,

who also drives a really fast convertible roadster named Jack. I love to drive fast, music thumping, top down, wind racing through my grey streaked hair.

I love “the woo” and while I work in very non traditional ways, they are practical and grounded.

I know healing because I have experienced my own trauma. I have had the opportunity again and again in life to choose differently than old patterns.

I don’t call myself a survivor.  I view my life as fulfilling a divine contract. Everything that I lived had a purpose AND I have always been  100% at choice with what I decide to do with my experiences.

I have created a gorgeous, joyful, peaceful life with my husband and three children, in spite of and truly, with the help of a very traumatic childhood. I learned that it doesn’t matter how I was raised, I can always choose a path that creates happiness. Part of my life purpose is to show others how to do the same.

I am wise beyond my years and at times incredibly naive. I am a feminist who loves cheesy, romantic movies and music. I am spiritual but not religious. I’m a change maker who is VERY uncomfortable with big change in my own life (and I do it anyway).

I’m a soul seer, shamanic woman, ceremonialist, earth lover, healer, tree oracle

Sound Like We Should Connect?